Video campaign celebrates the ‘different brilliant’ of life with autism

Baz Luhrmann’s cinematographer Damian Wyvill is one of many creative talents behind an emotive new 90-second film released online today by Autism Spectrum Australia.


Adrian Ford, CEO of Autism Spectrum Australia, said the video aimed to inject positive language and imagery into the national conversation about autism spectrum disorder.

“So often wonderfully talented, brilliant people with autism spectrum disorder are overlooked by society as being odd, or quirky, or obsessive,” he said.

“With our a “Different Brilliant” campaign, we hope to inspire a wider understanding and respect for how people on the autism spectrum are just like you and me, in many ways, but with their own uniquely brilliant take on the world.”

One in 100 Australians are on the spectrum and they’re all #adifferentbrilliant! Check out our latest campaign 深圳桑拿网网,深圳上门按摩,/OskzPiTm3l

— AutismSpectAustralia (@AutismSpectAust) November 12, 2014

Kylie Ouvrier, whose two autistic boys featured in the film, said she hoped the clip challenged people’s perceptions on the disorder.

“From my perspective there is still quite a lot of ignorance and a lack of understanding out there and that really needs to change,” she said.

“I really want to believe that by the time my children are young adults they will be accepted just like anyone else.”

The public is encouraged to like and share the a Different Brilliant short film with the hashtag #adifferentbrilliant.