Qld police play down G20 security scare

Queensland police are playing down an assault and separate security scare near the main G20 hub in Brisbane in the lead-up to the leaders’ summit.


Two projectors, disguised as security cameras and designed to display anti-G20 slogans, were installed near the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre before the surrounding area was locked down in the past week.

A man, 41, was also on Tuesday arrested after punching and hurling plants at a security guard on duty for the G20 summit.

Deputy Commissioner Ross Barnett said whoever installed the projectors, which weren’t found until the security cordon was imposed, hadn’t actually committed any criminal offences.

“It was merely a device to project a political message and it was just a different medium of delivering a message,” Mr Barnett told reporters in Brisbane on Wednesday.

“If they had put up a poster or a sticker, it would have had the same effect.

“It was not in anyway a threat to community safety.”

Mr Barnett said although a criminal investigation wasn’t underway, police would still try to find out who was responsible so they could determine how the devices were installed and prevent similar tactics being used while the restricted zone was enforced.

He said the man who assaulted the security guard wasn’t charged under special G20 legislation because his offences weren’t related to the leaders’ summit.

“Just because things happen in this precinct, doesn’t necessarily mean they will come within the scope of the G20 (Safety and Security) Bill,” he said.

“The sort of activity that it’s alleged he engaged in is dealt with on a `business as usual’ basis under the existing law.”

The man allegedly knocked a car park boom gate off its hinges at South Bank’s cultural centre on Tuesday, before damaging nearby gardens.

When a female security guard on G20 duties approached him, he allegedly threw plants at her before punching her in the face.

The woman sustained minor injuries in the attack, which happened inside a declared G20 security area.

The man was arrested and charged with assault occasioning bodily harm and wilful damage.