Qantas lures passengers with better meals

They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.


Qantas is trying to test that theory.

The national carrier on Wednesday unveiled a new dining service for international economy passengers in its latest effort to turn its business around.

The new service includes 50 per cent bigger meals, faster service and fancier options, such as waygu beef.

Chief executive Alan Joyce said the airline was focused on improving its customer service as part of its overall transformation, offering what it believes will be the best economy dining experience of any international carrier.

The new dining service will cost 40 per cent more to produce than Qantas’ current offering.

But it will be delivered at no extra cost to passengers thanks to waste elimination efforts such as butter-infused bread, meaning no more little packets of butter on flights.

Passengers will be able to choose from three main meals on board and those who pre-order their meal online (free of charge) will be able to choose a fourth option.

The airline has also revamped its inflight entertainment with more blockbuster movies and television shows.

“People want to binge on tv on aircraft these days,” Mr Joyce said.

“I know I watched the entire season of House of Cards II when I last travelled.

“It’s a great way of catching up on all the politics you’ve missed out on.”

Qantas suffered a record $2.8 billion loss in 2013/14, mainly because of massive losses within its international division.

But it has since bounced back into the black, reporting an underlying profit for the three months to September.

Mr Joyce said Qantas was “making really good progress” in getting the business back to profit.

Qantas will begin rolling out its new economy dining service later this month.