Man, woman dead in NSW double murder

A killer is at large after two people were found dead with gunshot wounds in a car in the NSW Riverina region.


A passer-by noticed the bodies of a man and woman in the white Toyota Corolla on the outskirts of the border town of Moama on Wednesday morning.

Paramedics went to the scene after receiving reports it was a car crash.

The man was slumped in the seat while the woman was halfway out of the sedan, which had Victorian number plates.

No gun was found at the isolated crime scene, leading police towards a double murder investigation.

However, Superintendent Paul Condon said all lines of inquiry were still open.

The crime happened on a sparsely populated, rural stretch of dirt road lined with farmland.

Kylie Spencer, a resident of Old Deniliquin Rd, said she noticed the white car by the roadside about 9.30am on Wednesday as she was drove by.

She saw another car pulled up next to the vehicle but assumed it was another motorist providing assistance.

“I drove past thinking they had a punctured tyre. You do 100 km/h down that road,” Ms Spencer told AAP.

The victims have not been formally identified but Murray Shire mayor Thomas Weyrich says locals believe the victims are from Echuca, just over the border in Victoria.

Mr Weyrich said he was concerned a gunman capable of homicide was on the loose.

“I have spoken with police and asked if I should be concerned and they said no,” he told AAP.

“Which makes me think it was a targeted attack.

“We would like to think we are immune from this sort of stuff but we are not.”

Mr Weyrich said Moama, a town of about 2700 people, had a problem with drugs like other regional towns.