Duo develop breathable cocktail

A walk-in cloud of breathable cocktail in a bar was attracting a new kind of customer to London\’s Soho.


For five pounds, visitors receive special protective suits and can enter the cocktail mist made of Hendrick\’s Scottish gin and tonic water.

“Basically what we do is we take the G & T, vaporize it using industrial technology, and it creates a vast cloud,” said Sam Bompas, a designer of the Bompas & Parr bar.

“It\’s like going into a cocktail on an architectural scale and hence alcoholic architecture,” he said.

Visitors are allowed to stay in the bar for a maximum of one hour.

“You had different experiences. If you breathed in through your nose it was very chemically, but if you breathed in through your mouth you had a very different experience as well. So it was like being in a steam room but sort of a dry ice room,” said twins Nicola and Pippa MacKenzie-Dodds.

“A city like London is often described as having the culture of Paris, but also the vibrance of New York City. There is another side of London and that is the alternative lifestyle. The alternative things that happen in the city. And I think this exhibition in many ways typifies exactly that,” added visitor Christopher Pang.

The artists were inspired by the Anthony Gormley\’s Blind Light construction which was shown at the Hayward Gallery in 2007. Sound artist Douglas Murphy created a soundscape of eighties disco music in the bar.

Bompas said he worked with three doctors to calculate how much alcohol people would breathe in at a certain room volume and amount of time in order to minimize the health risks.

“It varies whether you are a massive rugby player or someone who is very petite with small lungs. But it is probably the equivalence of a 35 millimetre. It depends on how deeply you breathe as well. We also advice people to breathe responsibly,” said Bompas.

Other Bompas & Parr projects include a liquid banqueting table, design jelly moulds, and create a glow-in-the-dark dessert chamber.

The breathable bar lasts until April 25.